Why I Love Traveling

Traveling Tips

Since I left my parents house at 18, I have done quite a bit of traveling. I love traveling and have been to 3 different countries and most states in the U.S. I think every person should as these are life-changing moments. Once you have children and a family, that type of lifestyle isn’t really possible anymore. While I’m single and healthy, I have all the freedom in the world to travel as I please. I might even use the Levi’s commuter jacket when I ride my bike through various towns.

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Staying At Airbnb’s

What has really helped my while doing all this traveling is Airbnb’s. I don’t always like staying in hotels as I find them confining and basic. There is something so cool about staying in someone else’s home. I feel more at home in a strangers home than a perfectly made hotel bed. Also, there is way more story in that homes decorations than an all white hotel room. Just make sure to do a background check on the person running the Airbnb. Safety matters people!

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

When you are in a different country or state, you likely don’t know anyone. This forces you to put away your phone and actually speak to people. This is why I love traveling. It’s also not comfortable to leave your home behind and you “comfort food” but trying new things is so exciting. Hearing peoples life stories is so much more interesting than checking your social media feed. I have learned about the triumphs and lows of the lives of many.

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Experience Other Cultures

Not many times in life are you able to experience a culture different from your own. We are so used to the town we live in, the place we work, and the food we eat. Imagine seeing how other countries function on a daily basis. Where do the people go for lunch, what do they do for fun at night? In America we tend to eat bigger dinners, while in other countries, lunch is the main meal of the day. There’s so many unforgettable lessons from traveling.

Trying New Things

This goes hand in hand with my last paragraph about experiencing different cultures. Yes your pasta dish is great but what about trying something new. I would have never tried escargot if I didn’t visit France. I would have been the only one at the dinner table not eating it. And it turns out I love it. This is why I love traveling, you get to experience new people, new food and new cultures. If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned to my blog for more travel related content.