Traveling To Disney World

Disney World

While you don’t have to be a world traveler, you should still check out Disney World. Going to Disney brings out the child in every adult. This is the one place that you can behave as silly as possible and no one will judge you. How could you not be silly and laugh will all these characters running around. If you do have kids, you might want to get a cell phone spy app to monitor your kids.

disney world
Mickey Mouse And The Gang

The Hotels

Disney World has many beautiful hotels with varying prices and styles for your liking. They have a more modern themed hotel called The Contemporary which is right near the Magic Kingdom park. If you prefer a beach themed hotel since it is Florida, there’s Disney’s Beach Club Resort. This beach themed resort has the largest pools of all the hotels. Also, it is located right in the Epcot park. You may want to listen to a podcast while waiting for the rides.

The Food

Besides the hotels and the rides of course, Disney is known for its amazing food. Some people even prefer eating at the restaurants to going on the rides. There are hundreds of options in terms of food. Such as Italian, French, American, Moroccan etc… Of course the nicer restaurants can get very expensive. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of cheaper options around the parks.

disney world
Mickey Mouse Dessert

The Rides

Last not not least is the rides. If your a kid the rides are the best part of Disney World. While the rides are more geared towards children, adults still have fun on them as well. They remind them of their favorite Disney movies when they are children. My personal favorite is the Peter Pan ride since I never want to grow up. If you enjoyed this read my last post about why I love traveling.