The Best Travel Destinations This Christmas

Winter break beckons to your wanderlust, begging to be indulged. Warm fireplaces, a blanket of white snow and a cup of chocolate might sound comfy. But why waste the opportunity of holiday leave of absences when there’s a chance to have a change of scenery. Warm beaches, sun tan lotion and a glass of tropical margaritas just waiting for you. So, hop on a plane and treat yourself to a Christmas vacation.

Mabuhay from Boracay!

The infamous beach known for it’s nightly parties got worldwide attention when it was shutdown by the Philippine government for rehabilitation. Recently reopened and just in time for December holiday break. The new Boracay still white sands sans night parties and most importantly, significantly lesser pollution and trash.

The picturesque beach is back and definitely instagrammable. Frolic on clean white sand, dine on local delicacies and just enjoy the warm sun with one of Philippine’s best beaches.

Hola desde Colombia!


Colombia is home to one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Old Town Cartagena is a vibrant place that comes alive in December. It’s one of the places to go during the holidays as Cartagena becomes a city of light. The locals celebrate with food, music, dancing and more. Enjoy Cartagena cuisine, shopping and more while waiting for the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Feel transported back in time as you stroll through Spanish Colonial inspired buildings. Bring back a piece of Cartagena with you, buy an emerald. Colombia is the largest supplier of the gemstone to the world.

California Staycation

You don’t need to go to another country when you can go to one of the popular beaches dotting the California shore. There’re a lot of places to visit in this beautiful and warm state from Hollywood to Death Valley. Switch from beaches to wildlife camping in the parks or desert. For other recreational activities, you can go horseback riding in the Ranch to playing a round of gold.  There are many things you can do in California that you can enjoy alone, with friends or family.

Fly to Thai

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world if you consider the number of tourists in relation to the county size. Enjoy exotic food, long stretches of beaches, inter-faith tourist spots and a balanced liberal lifestyle. There’re the main cities of Thailand, or you can take the off beaten path and find hidden beaches and islands scattered all over the country. It’s island for backpackers that won’t break your budget making it one of the best travel destinations this holiday.

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