Preventing Teen Sexting: How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine

It is the level of comfort that children show about documenting their lives and connecting with other people that we parents ask ourselves, “How can I monitor my child’s text messages for free?”. They are all about posting their photos, messaging other people, updating their social media status, and creating a culture of being “always on”. What this does is that it allows teens to make decisions based on poor impulses, and can come back to nip them in the butt.

Sexting: What Is It?

One of the more prevalent children’s issues on the news and a part of morning talk shows is sexting. Put simply, it is the act of sending sexually-themed messages or taking and sending revealing photos through SMS and other messaging apps. Statistics differ, but the thing we need to understand is that sexting is here and it’s here to stay. The reason kids “sext” may be different every occasion but can range from showing off, to proving or to entice someone. Many even do it because they are interested in someone or to prove their commitment to a relationship.

Here are Some Facts About Kids that are Relevant to Sexting:

1 in 5 teens say that technology is making them more aggressive and lowers their inhibitions.

2 out of 5 teens admit that swapping sexy content makes it more likely for them to hook up or date somebody.

Around a fifth of all teen boys and girls have sent their naked photos using their phones or the Internet.

Just sending these photos is a huge problem in itself. However, an even bigger issue is when that content is shared to a larger forum. A lot of teens found out, far too many in fact, that the person receiving these messages possesses something that could be very compromising to the teen in question since this message or image can be easily shared through social media. It can even be sent to other people using email or text.

How to Prevent or Stop Texting.

Parents shouldn’t wait for an incident of failed sexting to happen to your teen or her friend in order for you to start talking about its consequences. It can be a bit uncomfortable but the first step is always the hardest. And you need to make sure that your teen understands it before something happens to her.

You also need to remind her that if she sends an image of herself, be it wholesome or in the nude, she loses control of it. Ask her how it would feel if the whole school has a copy of her very unflattering photo and she would feel the humiliation even if it hasn’t happened yet.

Monitoring your teen’s text messages is also one of your best bet for keeping your teen away from sexting. And to help you with your monitoring, learn about how top cell phone monitoring apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy work. Come and visit our website for more information.