Story And Soulla

Clearly my blog is about my travels, however, you may be wondering about the title. I named my blog Story and Soulla for a special meaning. This is my story, and Soulla stands for "my soul". My soul and well-being are awakened by traveling. Experiencing different cultures and types of existence can only expand our minds. My story started when I was 18 and moved out of my parents house. I wanted to experience a different type of life, without the corporate job. So I worked as a waitress and saved up some money.

I may regret this someday, but as of now I'm enjoying life more than I would have in a cubicle. Since I've made that life-changing decision, I have visited several different countries. My most recent destination was Niagara Falls which is the most breathtaking experience. Then I ventured up north to Canada and visited Ripley's Aquarium. I was able to walk under a tank of fish. How cool, seeing fish swimming over you, and sharks!

Meet the Author


Sharon Aisling

Hi everybody! My name is Sharon and I am a traveler. What is a traveler you might say? A traveler is a person who is very nomadic and enjoys experiencing different places. Even though I have an apartment in Cali, I stay at various Airbnb's when I travel. Follow along to experience the highs and lows of traveling (but mostly highs). Buckle up it's going to be an interesting journey.